IQ' Mystical Sacred Breathing

Breathing is the most important thing you do 23,000 times every day. Breathwork is "Breathing with Intention."
In the sacred teachings of the Cholq'ij the glyph IQ' represents our connection to the trees, plants, and wind or air. All plants, especially trees breathe carbon dioxide to live and they exhale oxygen, a necessary ingredient for those beings with lungs, living on planet Earth. Humans and all living things breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, necessary for the life of trees and plants. Therefore we are connected and part of the Oneness that is taught in the Cholq'ij.



The animal spirit or nawal of IQ' is the Hummingbird. This powerful little bird is a perfect example of a being that flies, even with very small wings for the size of its body. And when you compare their body size to their heart size, they have the largest heart of any animal. Why is that important? Because the Heart is our connection to Original Source Creator and the magnetic field of Earth. Our hearts are the Internal Cosmic Doorway. We have always had the ability to fly through this "cosmic doorway" that is within our hearts. Now, I AM reminding you that you can meet with Source Creator anytime you choose. It has always been about choice.

Hummingbird Breath, as I call it, re-connects our lungs, heart, and brain so they can function as they were intended. It can also activate the Vegus nerve which may help heal our internal organs. I have learned, that by breathing with intention, daily or three times a week, we can help heal our body, from any disease or illness. We were created perfectly and have a built-in ability to heal ourselves and build-up our immune system to help fight off disease. Breath work with intention can strengthen our lungs, heart, brain, and our entire body. Once you begin to practice intentional breathing often, you may activate your body into producing DMT and begin to travel. The experience of traveling or seeing helps us to go into your past to heal any trauma that may be blocking you.

We are now living in the time to awaken, remember who you are, and begin doing what you came to do here. First, let go of fear and recognize that nothing can harm you. Then, begin a practice of breathing with the intention to heal your body. This process will strengthen your heart and brainpower so you may activate the Heart-Brain Connection which powers you to travel to "The Great Within...Heaven and where you can go direct and dialogue with First Mother and First Father.

I know this may sound, to some, like I have lost my mind. However, I have experienced this myself and I have guided others to breathe using Hummingbird Breath, so they too can travel the internal pathway to discovery of Self, Saq be.

Hummingbird Breath Work will change you and it may help to change the world we have created, back into the Heaven that our Source Creator prepared for us.  

Breathe with the intention to heal and your body will do the rest. Breathe with intention to remember and  Remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

I AM available to answer your questions and give you a short demonstration of IQ' Mystical Sacred Breathing. Instruction via Zoom, for small groups, or private sessions can be arranged. Email me and we can set a time to talk.
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