Cosmic Identity - Horoscopo Maya

It’s time to remember who you are!

If you are landing here via a recent experience of my work on Light Dialogic Community, Clubhouse or a podcast, and want to know your Cosmic Identity or Horoscopo Maya in the K’iche tradition, welcome. 

The first step is to know your Cosmic Identity, according to the Ch’olq’ij Sacred Maya Calendar. On the day you were conceived, there was a Light within you that began to shine. According to the Olmec/Maya after 260 days, which is the number of days you are in your Mother’s womb, you begin life as a Light Being in your physical body. And on that day, the Tone and Day Sign (Glyph) becomes your Cosmic name.

Of course, you may also be given an Earth name by your father and mother, but your Cosmic Identity is the Sacred Tone and Day Sign of your birth as a human being in our Cosmos.

If you would like for me to create your complete Horoscopo Maya which will tell you a grat deal more, including your Personal Pyramid, your mission, your powers, characteristics, your animal nawal, element, and any life obstacles or objectives you set before birth. 

To learn your Cosmic Identity just send an email with the day, time and place of your birth. I will respond and answer any questions you may have. Below is the suggested donation and a link to my email.

Horoscopo Maya - Cosmic Identity 

Suggested Donation $70
Under 52 years of age. Includes your Birth Chart, Trecena, and Personal Pyramid
as well as a private session/reading via zoom or phone. 

Suggested Donation $110
52 or older includes: two charts prepared for you, a Birth Chart and a 52 year chart.
 You will receive a photo and a pdf of your charts and we will go through it together by phone or over Zoom.
*Mail charges are additional. $1.50 in the U.S. Postal Service