Julajuj Batz’
Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq’ij

Over the last 30 years, Eduardo has been a student of the Olmec and Maya Teachings in the Tradition of the K’iche’ Maya. He now offers talks, video presentations, and Ceremony based on the Cholq’ij, the K’iche Maya Sacred Calendar. He feels very strongly that there is real importance in applying these ancient traditions to our present day lives. He was initiated as an Ajq’ij, Counter of Days, on the Water Path and the Fire Path by Tat José Coutiño, Ajq’ij and Sacerdotiza Maya Carla Cofiño,  both of Antigua, Guatemala. He now teaches and performs ceremonies to keep Ancient Teachings of MesoAmerica alive. 


Prior to becoming a teacher and speaker, Eduardo was a documentary film producer and visual communications specialist. He started Griego Communications, a full-service advertising and public relations company in Boulder, CO.  He had produced and consulted on hundreds of video productions, for broadcast TV, web, and numerous documentary films.


Eduardo has just had his book published in 2020. “Ya’xel The Giver,” is a novel based on how the ancient teachings can guide us in the time we call, the Thirteenth Baktun, as predicted by the Elders of many indigenous people of the Americas.