Time to Remember Who You Are.


The Sacred Teachings of the ancient indigenous peoples of the Americas can guide us back to the Present Moment.


There is so much more waiting for us to discover about ourselves and everything we need is already within. All we have to do is Remember.


We must recall our connection to First Father, First Mother, and Earth NOW. The heart is our direct connection. We have been told by the Great Teacher that “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.” So, listen and pay attention to your heart, now more than ever! Remember how to Feel again.


Learn and practice daily breathing using IQ' Mystical Spiritual Breath. 

"Ya'xel The Giver"
     Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij  
     There is hidden meaning in every aspect of this present day adventure. A dead archeologist leaves clues and prayers, that lead the main character, to the “Temple of Time” hidden below his hacienda. There, he discovers the true meaning within the prophecies of the Ancient MesoAmericans.
     We are now Living in the “New Sun.” As we realize we are all at the Cross Roads of life on Earth, it is imperative that we understand, all humans must literally go through a metamorphosis or transformation at this time. 
   Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq'ij

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