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Time to Remember Who You Are.


The Sacred Teachings of the ancient indigenous peoples of the Americas can guide us back to the Present Moment.


There is so much more waiting for us to discover about ourselves and everything we need is already within. All we have to do is Remember.


We must recall our connection to First Father, First Mother, and Earth NOW. The heart is our direct connection. We have been told by the Great Teacher that “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.” So, listen and pay attention to your heart, now more than ever! Remember how to Feel again.


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Ya'xel The Giver

By Julajuj Batz’
Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Ajq’ij

First Edition
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Eduardo Conch
Why I wrote this as a novel


When first guided to start writing this book, the messages I would receive came in the form of words telling the story to me. Sometimes in the middle of the night, at other times while I was in the shower, even a few times while riding my horse Safara in the piñon forests of Glorieta, New Mexico.


I would hear a woman's voice speak to me in my left ear. Little by little, I became used to hearing words, and I would go to my computer and begin writing what would come. As I say in the preface, it all started when I saw a vision of a beautiful adobe house and an old woman sitting in a wheelchair and saying to me..."Ayyee! You are the one!"


I would see the whole story as scenes in a movie with my characters walking in and interacting with one another. It built as it went, a lot like the construction of a house made of adobe. Brick by brick, with pine logs for support and ocoté latias and mud in the ceilings, night after night around 2 or 3 AM, the words spoken by my characters would begin flowing and taught me about them. I would throw off my blankets, put on my blue jeans and go to my kitchen table, and type what was said, the best I could.


It started to become a story about a Chicano family living in LA and realizing that their lives were becoming more and more difficult. It was no longer easy to find joy, and they were losing contact with one another. Anger took the place of happiness in his work as a high school teacher, and alcohol became the ruler in Alberto's life. Juanita became consumed by trying to rescue her familia from separation, and it was no longer possible for her to keep it all together as living in the city was eating them up. Her husband, daughter, and Son were all going in different directions and getting further away from one another.


Juanita decided that moving back to her native state of New Mexico was the only solution.  This decision to find their new home in Los Lunas and leave LA would change all of their lives.


While writing this story, I realized it would never be complete without me going to Guatemala and learning what the voice once told me... "the Mayan prophecies are within your dwelling." I had to walk the Great White Road, SAQ BE, over three years, I became initiated on the Water Path and Fire Path of the K'iche Maya. What an honor it is for me to receive this story into my heart. After 30 years, I now offer "Ya'xel The Giver" to the Universe.



                    Eduardo Julajuj Batz'


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