Horoscopo Maya

According to ancient teachings of the K'ICHE' MAYA, when we decide to live a life on planet Earth there is much to consider. What do I want to experience and where will I live and what dimension will you choose to experience...

A Horoscopo Maya is a chart based on the 20 Sacred Glyphs and 13 Tones of the Sacred Cholq'ij of the K'iche' Maya. The day, approximate time, and location where you were born will affect your entire life experience. How the ancient Maya knew all this information, we do not know, however they base it on the position of the stars and planets in the sky at your time of conception and the time of birth. From this information, the Maya could divine what your life would be like and what your life mission is or what your destiny holds.

Example of a personal Horoscopo Maya

Example of a personal Horoscopo Maya

Know Your Cosmic Identity

You may want to have your Horoscopo Maya birth chart done so you can know more about the life you have chosen to walk on this planet. It will answer some deep questions or give you some important information that will help you reach your life goals and know Who You Are.

I have found that doing a Horoscopo Maya birth chart requires at least 2 hours of my time to research the glyph and tone information from charts prepared by my Maya teachers. I draw or paint your Birth Chart using this information and therefore I feel that I can do them for $60 if you can afford it. If you want me to do your chart and cannot afford this amount, I will do one for you for your donation. I hope to never let money keep anyone from knowing their Cosmic Identity. Call or email me your exact place of birth, the approximate time, and date. Once your chart is done, we will meet or talk by phone to go over the chart to give you important information that is now and will be affecting your life on Earth. This requires about 1 - 2 hours of your time to meet with me or talk by phone or Skype.


Mayan Tzute

Representing our connection to the planets and stars and the movement of Earth through space...the movement of the Serpent across the sand of time.

A tzute can be a ceremonial head scarf or a simple cloth to carry children around the mother's back and chest.

Chichicastenango, Guatemala (K'iche' Mayan Tzute, hand-woven)