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IQ’ - The Hummingbird Breath

Mystical Spiritual Breathing and the Great Remembering 

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Hummingbird Breath Sessions

Everyone has, within them, all the tools necessary to make this upcoming shift into the next dimension Mother Earth is moving into. We only need to make the personal choice to activate them and be reminded of how to use these internal powers. Let's do our share and help others to start using their Natural Powers again so that all of us can begin adapting to our true selves.

We can go within by using IQ’ Mystical Spiritual Breathing, what I call the Hummingbird Breath since the hummingbird is the nawal or animal spirit of this glyph.

This is intentional breath work, a natural way to go within, where the real shift must occur first. IQ' Breathing can help us to start healing traumas and the conditioning that has kept us asleep for thousands of years now, and we can exit this lost place anytime we want. With practice, it will help make your blood and body more alkaline and less acidic. Intentional Breath can power your heart energy dramatically, connect to your brain, and help to activate the endocrine system. Some even say it can work with your pineal gland to heal it and cleanse it.

I traveled throughout Guatemala with two amazing teachers José and Carla, and they taught me to go within, using the teachings of the Ancient Maya. Over the last 20 years, I have studied, practiced, and now teach this sacred information with the utmost respect. Like me, when you use the Chol Q'ij or Sacred Calendar in your life, you will discover it contains everything we human beings need to heal and remember. By knowing the ancient wisdom that exists within the Chol Q’ij and by using the tools of sound and mystical spiritual breathing taught there, each human who does so, begins to resonate and vibrate with the planet.

Our Mother Earth is going through a metamorphosis now. We can either join in this with her, or not, it is up to each of us. For those who want to make the shift with her, we must announce our intention now and practice connecting to her. We must use our heart/brain connection so to activate our endocrine system using Love and Forgiveness, in order for us to be balanced with Earth. I AM not saying this is the only way to get balanced. I AM saying that this is one way that works very effectively. As we recall who we are, and how to move through the barriers that have been created and placed before us, we can transcend the walls and then re-learn our true powers and abilities. My friend and teacher Eileen Meyer calls this “Adapting to Grace.” Those who practice some sort of deeper connection to the heart already know it changes our energy, the electromagetic energy, and activates your pineal gland or third eye. This allows us to see beyond the veil and we begin to see everything differently. As you grow in strength and develop your grace, you become more powerful in many ways and begin harmonizing with Mother Earth. You may begin to feel this change, or metamorphosis occurring and when you do it is very important to not let your ego take over. Be gentle and powerful at the same time and as you demonstrate this, others will notice. Return to these ancient teachings and use the tools hidden within the sacred teachings to heal the heart, mind, and spirit so you can join others as we remember our connection to the Mother Earth. By forgiving ourselves first, then all others, this “Grace” will begin to grow and TOGETHER, we will heal, cleanse, and purify our planet once again.

I invite you to come learn one of these very important tools to remembering… Intentional Breath Work called “The Hummingbird Breath” or IQ’

Private Session: Suggested donation $60 (2+ hrs)

Semi-Private Sessions: Suggested donation $40 per person (2-6 People per group 2+ hrs.)

Call or email me to book a session with me:

Booking times will be from 8 AM - 6 PM daily

Sessions to be held at Koyopa Meditation Center in Rye, CO (35 Minutes from Pueblo)

Contact: Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Aj Q’ij

Cell Phone - (720) 454-9300 or email: 11baatz@gmail.com

Time to Choose... Time to Be

Everything YOU Need Is Already Within YOU

For the last 500 years, the People of Aztlán have been conditioned to believe many lies and untruths. WE will no longer go along with it. Those of us who agreed to be a part of a "Great Experiment" are seeing that WE have reached the END. The experiment is over and we must decide if WE want to go along for the rest of what they had planned for us, or make another choice.

Do not be afraid! Things are changing and changing fast and you who are awakening can feel it. Do not be afraid, for you are going to learn how to choose Love...Real Love. First, you must learn to FORGIVE, then go within and find the True Self that exists there and choose for yourself.

The New Heaven is inside you. GO WITHIN. 

Once, YOU choose to begin to trust yourself, and to trust that which has always been there, you will be guided back to truth. The Universe will support us and all we have to do is ask. Let’s gather together and help one another practice the teachings that will help us, to change our minds, and begin to see the truth that lies deep, deep within you. Trust that it is there within you, for you were designed and created perfectly. You built to deal with all that will be occurring on our planet. Do not be afraid, for EVERYTHING YOU NEED is there within you. YOU and your COMMUNI T only have to recall that which has always been there... within.

Rediscover the reality that you are so much more. You are a powerful being, with amazing powers to change every aspect of your experience of living here on planet Earth now. 



"Mayan Portal - Our Window to the Cosmos"

We human beings are at a crossroads now. We have come to a point in our experience of this experiment we call Earth where many of us are awakening. Some are awakening and can't deal with the amount of energy that is coming into our being at this time. We must keep our balance at this time.

This symbol is being found all over the world. The sacred T is our connection within. There is so much to learn about this symbol. It has been cut out stone,

We need tools or practices that help us to keep our balance and adapt to our Grace....

Eduardo, shares with us the sacred science and teachings of the K'iche' Maya taught to him by Mayan Elders of Guatemala. This includes information found in the Codex of Tikal that teaches the Sacred Mayan Calendar, Chol' Q'ij, and the connection of the glyphs and tones to the human heart. The sacred sounds or harmonics of each glyph and each number can balance our mind, body, and spirit. Each Fuego Sagrado, or fire ceremony, is performed by Ajq'ij, an initiated "Counters of the Days" of the Maya, according to the ways of the ancestors, the Ajq'ibab. 

There are sacred actions one can start doing, using various ceremonial traditions that apply sound, copal, candles and stones that can be adapted by us-such as the Three Hearthstones of Creation, and the Four Balams of the Pleiades, which according to the Maya teachings connect us to the stars. 

The Maya teach that we are going through the next quantum transformation of our planet and how to prepare for this birthing of the New Earth. They encourage us to remember our responsibility as carriers of the "Sacred Bundle" within our DNA, and to apply ourselves by using the Creator given powers to assist in this Oxlajuj or transformation. 

Eduardo says, "I am convinced that we human beings are part of the great weaving of the Tz'ute of Life on the Mayan Loom of  Light and Love. We are here to be a thread in the fabric of the  future, the new matrix, and to remember who we are." My understanding of Mayan science and prophesies is that the indigenous Elders of many tribes and people of the continent we call Amerika, are remembering coming back together at this time. Our goal is take back control of our minds, our lives and begin to heal. By heal, I mean to forget, forgive, and to let go of the conditioning that we have undergone for thousands of years to keep us asleep and to recall our true selves that is within our heart...the Portal to the Cosmos."

For the 20 years he has conducted many Mayan sacred fire ceremonies and classes throughout New Mexico and southern Colorado. Eduardo resides in Rye, CO. Eduardo will continue to offer talks and Fire Ceremony to everyone and anyone who is interested

If you want to know when I will talk and where, please contact me at email:  11baatz@gmail.com

Phone: 720.454.9300