El Fuego Sagrado de los K'ICHE' Maya


Eduardo is planning a special ceremony for women.

We human beings are experiencing the great remembering now. We are at the crossroads and we must remember our connection to the stars.

Soon we will hold a ceremony remembering the "Three Hearthstones of Creation,"  Mayan Cooking Hearth

We will prepare a ceremony blessing the Earth and place three large stones in the earth and build a fire in the center. 

Free to the Public, donations are accepted

Where: To be announced soon!

When: Time and Date to be announced soon!

Maya Hearth.jpeg

Three Hearthstones of Creation

We will also create a Mayan Cooking Hearth using the three (OXIB) stones representing a triangle and a fire representing a nubula. The Quiche people still refer to a triad of three bright stars in Orion as "the hearth stones", and the hazy nebula below Orion's belt is called "the smoke from the hearth". Orion is also called the turtle stars (ak' ek), depicted in the Madrid Codex as a turtle with three tun ("stone") glyphs on its back.  Because the sky has not yet been raised, the hearth is a location in both earth and sky. The turtle shell is an earth symbol, like the back of the crocodile at the foot of the World Tree. Here is the place of  Creation, where the sky will rise again.


Past Ceremonies

Summer Solstice Fuego Sagrado was performed on Thursday June 21. The Spring Equinox Ceremony was performed in the Placita of El PUeblo History Museum on March 20, 2018.

The sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony as passed down over the centuries by the K'iche' Maya. This important ceremony is done to give thanks for our life. By making offerings of copal, chocolate, sugar, rosemary, honey, quilco, candles, and sesame seeds  humans can give thanks. During the Fire Ceremony, we call out the twenty (20) sacred glyphs and thirteen (13) sacred tones of the Cholq'ij and chant the sounds that can balance our body, mind, and spirit. 


Fuego Sagrado de Los Mayas

Our offerings of Candles, Copal, Chocolate, Rosemary, and Sugar. Eggs and limes are put into the fire by those who have been cleansed by a Limpia and given to the Sacred Fire to take away any pains and illness

We are preparing for the shift that the elders have predicted would come. Each fire ceremony we make or attend, helps us to open our heart and mind to connect to the Heart of Heaven, Corazon del Cielo, the heart of Earth, Corazon de la Tierra, the heart of air, Corazon de Aire, and the heart of water, Corazon de Agua. By calling out the names of the Four Balams, Balam Kitze, Balam Akab, Balam Majukata, and IQ Balam, we remember their importance in bringing this knowledge to us from their home in the Pleiades.

We call the Grandmothers to join us also for they are the wives and partners of the Balams and carry the same importance in their sacred bundles. They keep our connection to the stars by using the teachings of the Three Hearthstones of Creation, the place where our food is cooked and prepared.


The Fuego Sagrado balances us...

These sacred teachings are recited over and over each time we do a Fuego Sagrado and we ask for the four directions, the four colors of Maiz and Humans who walk the planet at this time.

We welcome all the grandfathers and grandmothers to join us in this offering and to help us to remember. We ask that the universe support us and help us recall our true powers and abilities as our DNA is activated. Our endocrine systems and Third Eye is also activated by the flames and smells that come during the Fire Ceremony.


Chanting the Glyphs and Tones

As we call our the names of the glyphs and the tones they resonate with our body and mind to help us acquire our balance again.