Time to Awaken...

Over that last four to five hundred years, we have been conditioned to forget who we really are by the ones with the desire to enslave humans and feed on human energy in various ways. 

We have all agreed to giving up our power and allowing these strange beings to control and manipulate many of us, causing us to become addicted to a system that abuses our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Welcome to remembering...bringing back members of the Oneness

You can come here when you want to touch into a different understanding of who we are. Hopefully, here you will feel nurtured and supported in being all that you are. We Humans are remembering and as we do, some of us will search out sites where we can expand our consciousness and re-call our family members, our true names, and our real BEing. Our goal is start now by offering stories, videos, and information to help you feel again. It will grow, just like the seed does with rain and sunshine. Soon the furtive soil of our minds in connection to our hearts will bring forth new healthy shoots of creation. Let us start now and allow Love to guide us.

Recall your true essence now! We are amazing beings made up of particles, and waves of light and we have to help each other remember this so each one of us can be guided back to the self....Your Heart.